Style wedding breakfast or brunch chic

07-abr-15 04:39


1. Long tables. The size rectangular furniture is great for decorating a wedding breakfast or brunch style. The dessert table can decorate with the intense colors, flowers and fresh fruit juices.

2. The foods served should not be too heavy, however they must be abundant. Opt for a selection of red fruits (strawberries and raspberries are perfect) or station. It also adds freshly baked breads, cold meats and cheeses.

3. The enclosure may be in a large room with enough light, but you can also lean on a spectacular garden in a warm weather destination. If you like the idea, there are many boutique hotels that provide perfect lighting and the environment for a celebration like yours.

4. The floral arrangements are always a good addition for decoration. Choose species with intense colors and combines them to create an ideal contrast to the environment.

5. We recommend using a palette of light colors will help create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. If you are more daring, lean for vibrant hues that accompany the atmosphere.

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