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And you committed and the race against time begins to organize the big day your wedding. There are many details that have to coordinate, and among the principal is the kind of celebration that you will make and how you want to look every detail.

Here is a preliminary guide to help you set decoration celebration.

You need to have in mind:

Choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and that you also like your partner. Not necessarily the "be fashionable".
Lots of variety, do not have to limit yourself to tradition. Investigates and documentate. On the Internet there are many options.
Make participant in every detail to your partner. The wedding is both.
Now ... This is part of what is and will trend in wedding decoration 2015 ...


The silver comes as a sophisticated and versatile option that fits celebrations at different times. The great advantage of this color is that you can graduate to give more or less luxury and can be combined with a wide range of colors.

sure shot: Silver white, beige, cream. This combination allows you to accents in all colors, for example, colorful flowers in magenta, fuchsia or purple. Cushions in white, red and black. If it is a wedding day, wild flowers in various colors, candles and banners allow you to achieve a sweet contrast.

On the other hand, if your personality is bold, worth the risk with other less traditional colors and are very good, like black, aubergine or green range.

Good advice of experts in decorating is to choose the color combination under the criteria of the seasons: warm colors and citrus for warm seasons and cakes and soft colors for cold seasons.


Green and nature are the stars of weddings today, regardless of time of celebration and if it is outdoors or in a hall. Plants hanging from high ceilings, or flight arrangements that create a cozier atmosphere are a hit.

Arrangements shaped bouquet that give the feeling that are freshly cut flowers are a trend that remains.

The type of flowers depend on the taste of the couple, the budget and the season, but among the most sought after are the hydrangeas, lilies, gladiolas, daisies, orchids, callas and always roses.

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